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BAMAKO, Mali, Muharram 27, 1434, Dec 11, 2012, SPA - Mali's Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra resigned on state television early Tuesday, according to a report of the Associated Press.
Diarra addressed the nation, saying: "Our country is living through a period of crisis. Men and women who are worried about the future of our nation are hoping for peace.
"It's for this reason that I, Cheikh Modibo Diarra, am resigning along with my entire government on this day, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. I apologize before the entire population of Mali," he said.
Diarra appeared on TV at 4 a.m. local time.
12:05 LOCAL TIME 09:05 GMT
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MEXICO CITY, Rajab 18, 1436, May 07, 2015, SPA -- A Mexican official says the number of workers injured in a deadly oil-maintenance platform collapse has risen to 18. The new figure comes from Carlos de Regules, head of the Agency for Security, Energy and the Environment, who also...
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Bujumbura, Rajab 18, 1436, May 7, 2015, SPA -- Tanzania will host an emergency summit of the East African Community next week in an attempt to solve the crisis sparked by Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid to seek a third term in office, Tanzanian Foreign...
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OKLAHOMA CITY, Rajab 18, 1436, May 7, 2015, SPA -- A series of tornadoes, including a major twister, touched down southwest of Oklahoma City on Wednesday as a storm system brought severe weather to several Great Plains states, officials said, according to Reuters. There had been no...
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CHICAGO, Rajab 18, 1436, May 7, 2015, SPA -- Poultry veterinarians in Minnesota believe an outbreak of avian flu has spread between farms, indicating the implementation of a U.S. strategy to contain the deadly bird disease failed in at least some cases, according to Reuters. Wild...
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MAKKAH 47 32
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DAMMAM 41 27
JEDDAH 41 28
ABHA 31 18
HAIL 37 23

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U.K. Pound 5.71

Emirati Dirham 1.021

Kuwaiti Dinar 12.438

Bahraini Dinar 9.945

Jordanian Dinar 5.292
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