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Brussels, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- France is on track to meet its EU deficit targets for this and next year, the European Commission announced Thursday after assessing...

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Crown Prince Holds Meeting with Chinese President 4 Beijing
"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appreciates the positive stances of the People's Republic of China towards the Palestinian cause. We look forward to China as an international magnate with a great political and economic weight to play a prominent role in achieving peace and security in the region in accordance with the international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab peace initiative in order to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories and establish independent state of Palestine," the Crown Prince added.
"We also look forward for more cooperation with the government of the People's Republic of China to achieve an urgent peaceful solution for the Syrian crisis in accordance with Geneva Statement in 2012 in order to stop bloodshed of the innocents and establishment of transitional rule commission with full executive powers and pressure on the Syrian regime to help the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people," Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz stressed in his speech.
"I thank you again for the warm reception and hospitality accorded to me and me accompanying delegation," the Crown Prince concluded his speech.

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Brussels, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- France is on track to meet its EU deficit targets for this and next year, the European Commission announced Thursday after assessing the country's savings plans, while warning that more efforts will be needed to make...
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BUDAPEST, Ramadan 15, 1436, July 02, 2015, SPA -- The U.N. refugee agency urged Hungary on Thursday not to pass a bill aimed at tightening asylum rules, saying the move would make it impossible for Budapest to give sanctuary to anyone fleeing war-stricken countries, Reuters reported. ...
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Kiev, 15 Ramadan 1436 H, corresponding to July 2, 2015, SPA-- Saudi Ambassador to Ukraine Jedie bin Zabn Alhathal held at his residence on Wednesday a breaking-fast ceremony for ambassadors of Arab and Islamic countries accredited to Ukraine. The ceremony was attended by several heads of Arab...
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Beijing, Ramadan 15, 1436, July 02, 2015, SPA -- China has the second-highest rate of traffic fatalities in the world after India, according to the latest estimate from the World Health Organization, according to dpa. At least 200,000 people die in China from...
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Jeddah, Ramadan 15, 1436, July 02, 2015, SPA -- World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) has continued efforts and its charitable works in the implementation of Iftar (fast-breaking) project in many of the world's poorest countries, including, in particular a number of districts of the capital Conakry...
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