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Muscat, Ramadan 14, 1436, July 01, 2015, SPA -- Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general index (30) today lost (4.45) points, comprising a decline by (0.07%) to close at (6429.05) points, compared...

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Health Ministry announces detection of a Swine Flu case in Riyadh
Riyadh, June 03, SPA -- The Health Ministry has announced detection of a case of swine flu which affected a Filipino nurse working at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.
Dr Abdullah al-Rabee'a, the Health Minister said the detection of the case has come within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the Health Ministry to follow up developments in this respect.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, he said the nurse, who had spent her holidays in Philippines, returned to Riyadh on Friday, May 29, 2009, aboard one of the flights of the Gulf Air.

"Symptoms of the disease appeared in the case of the nurse on Monday June 1, 2009, and she was admitted to the KFSHRC for conducting the required medical examinations pertaining to Swine Flu, he said, noting that the results of the medical examinations were disclosed on Tuesday evening, confirming the case as "Positive".
In the light of the measures of the World Health Organization (WHO) the medical examinations were conducted for the second time on Tuesday evening, he said, adding that the examinations proved the infection of the nurse for A/H-I N-I on Wednesday morning.
Dr Al-Rabee'a said the Health Ministry in cooperation with King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center has applied the national plan for the prevention of Swine Flu in a manner that matches with the recommendations of WHO.
Accordingly, the patient was isolated and provided with the required medical treatment.
Arrangements are underway to examine those who were in contact with the patient to get sure that they are not infected.


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Muscat, Ramadan 14, 1436, July 01, 2015, SPA -- Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general index (30) today lost (4.45) points, comprising a decline by (0.07%) to close at (6429.05) points, compared to the last session, which stood at (6424.60) points. The trading value today stood at...
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BUJUMBURA, Ramadan 14, 1436, July 01, 2015, SPA -- At least two policemen were injured during a grenade attack in Burundi's capital on Wednesday, witnesses said, as the country awaited results from Monday's parliamentary election which was boycotted by the opposition, Reuters reported....
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KUWAIT, Ramadan 14, 1436, July 01, 2015, SPA -- Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) ended Wednesday's session on mixed board as the weighted index shed 0.82 points reaching 419.12 points and the price index lost 15.4 points reaching 6,187.55 points, whereas the KSX 15 went up by 0.40 points to stand...
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Berlin, Ramadan 14, 1436, Jul 1, 2015, SPA -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there will be no negotiations with Athens on a new rescue programme until after Sunday's referendum on bailout terms, dpa reported. "The door to negotiations was always open and...
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Amman, Ramadan 14, 1436, July 01, 2015, SPA -- Saudi National Campaign to support the brothers in Syria has completed the 25th and 26th phases of the Ramadan project "You have his fasting reward", targeting displaced Syrians in the number of areas linking border between Syria and Turkey. The...
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