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0067 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Thursday, Safar 9, 1435, December 12, 2013
0066 U.S. Jobless Claims Jump
0065 U.S. Business Inventories Jump by Most in 9 Months
0064 Rector of Imam Mohammed bin Saud university receives the President of the Islamic Institution in Latin America
0063 Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Meets Int'l Delegation
0062 Egypt and Jordan discuss ways of promoting bilateral relations
0061 Int'l forum on using human rights to support dialogue among followers of religions
0060 Prince Nawaf bin Faisal receives Chairman of Int'l Poling Federation
0059 U.S., Georgian Defense Officials Meet
0058 U.S. Retail Sales Rise Most in Five Months
0057 EU to fly 37 tons of emergency relief to Central African Republic
0056 Somalian President appoints new PM
0055 Lebanese President Meets Int'l Delegation
0054 Egyptian President, Cypriot President Discuss Promoting Relations
0053 Commander of the Lebanese Army Meets with US Official
0052 Lebanese Caretaker Premier Meets Int'l Delegation
0051 Egypt, Jordan Discuss Promoting Bilateral Relations
0050 Egyptian Premier, Cypriot President Discuss Promoting Relations
0049 Saudi Ambassador to Italy Receives World Muslim Scout Delegation
0048 Tenth person dies after Scottish helicopter crash
0047 Roadside bomb in Pakistan kills 2 soldiers
0046 U.S. Jobless Claims Jump
0045 Helicopter operator in Scottish crash grounds fleet
0044 UAE Vice President Meets Polish President
0043 Yemeni President Receives Saudi Ambassador
0042 U.S. Import Prices Fall for Second Month
0041 Deputy Foreign Minister Partakes in Kenya's 50th Anniversary of Independence
0040 Governor of Riyadh Region Receives SRCA President
0039 U.S. Retail Sales Rise Most in Five Months
0038 Saudi Ambassador to Philippines Visits Islamic Centers, Universities
0037 Ajman Ruler Receives Saudi Ambassador
0036 Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Meets with Pakistani Finance Minister
0035 Slovenia needs 4.8 billion euros for bank rescue
0034 Turkish Foreign Minister visits Armenia
0033 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt Sign Agreements on Electricity Grid Linking
0032 World Congress of Military Medicine Concludes in Jeddah
0031 Grenade thrown at tourists in Kenyan coastal town
0030 Iraq signs deal to buy South Korean fighter jets
0029 Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Visits Exhibition in Madinah
0028 Thai prime minister urges national dialogue to end crisis
0027 Saudi Fund for Development Signs Two Pacts with UNHCR
0026 Danish prime minister reshuffles government
0025 Minister of Communications and IT Opens Forum of Communication Sector Senior Executives
0024 World stocks down
0023 Euro zone output unexpectedly down 1.1 per cent
0022 United States begins air lifting Burundian troops to Central African Republic
0021 Slovenia's banks need 4.8 billion euros
0020 Polish-Saudi Relations Workshop Opens
0019 Crown Prince Receives a Number of Ambassadors
0018 Crown Prince Receives Message from Greek Defence Minister
0017 Agriculture Minister Receives Portuguese Ambassador
0016 US Coast Guard warns Haitians against sea voyages
0015 Japan plans $53B stimulus as recovery falters
0014 EU's Ashton: Ukraine President wants to sign EU deal
0013 Islamic Development Bank and Foreign Ministry Hold Reception for Consular Corps Members in Jeddah
0012 World Conference on Dialogue and Its Role in Defending Prophet Muhammad Concludes Meetings
0011 U.S. Mulls Sanctions on Ukraine
0010 U.S. Envoy Participates in OIC Meeting
0009 Russia Seeks Trade Talks with U.S., Official Says
0008 U.S. Running Smaller Monthly Budget Deficits
0007 Blast Near U.S. Embassy in Afghan Capital
0006 Wall Street Closing
0005 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0004 Saudi Press
0003 GCC Ministerial Council Condemns Hezbollah Secretary's Accusations Against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
0002 Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Patronizes Meeting of Arab Council for Childhood and Development
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Thursday, Safar 9, 1435, December 12, 2013

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LONDON, Jumada II 25, 1435, Apr 25, 2014, SPA -- The BBC is to suspend its membership of Britain's leading business lobby group after deciding on Thursday to join a number of organisations protesting over the CBI's move to officially campaign against Scottish independence, Reuters reported....
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Riyadh, Jumada II 24, 1435, Apr 24, 2014, SPA -- Israel announced Thursday that it will not negotiate with a Palestinian government that includes the radical Islamist Hamas movement ruling Gaza, according to dpa. The statement, received by SPA from the international news agency of dpa here,...
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LOS ANGELES, Jumada II 24, 1435, Apr 24, 2014, SPA -- The nation's top telecoms regulator is proposing to allow a pay-for-priority fast lane for movies, music and other services to get to people's homes. The proposed rules come after a federal appeals court struck down previous "net...
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MESA, Arizona, Jumada II 24, 1435, Apr 24, 2014, SPA -- A giddy Michael Phelps qualified fastest for the 100-meter butterfly final on Thursday in his first competition since retiring after the 2012 London Olympics. The 28-year-old swimmer was second at the turn and came on at the end to...
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