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Al-Sharq newspaper commented on Syria, saying that Iran and Russia want to keep Al-Assad's regime in authority in spite of its crimes against its people for more than four years, which means...

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0074 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Thursday, Rabi'II 13, 1435, February 13, 2014
0073 Thousands Flee as Volcano Erupts on Indonesia's Java
0072 At Least Seven Dead as Gunmen Attack Sana'a Central Prison
0071 Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia Holds a Dinner Banquet in Honor of Prince Khalid bin Sultan
0070 Commander of the Lebanese Army Meets U.S. Official
0069 Brahimi : Document of Syrian Opposition about Re-Forming a Transitional Governing Body is on Negotiating Table
0068 Israeli Aircraft Violate Lebanon Airspace
0067 Saudi Ambassador to Turkey Ensures Facilities Provided to Citizens Return From Syria
0066 Moroccan king Meets with Tunisian Prime Minister
0065 Lebanese Army Commander Meets with UN Offcail
0064 Italian Prime Minister Letta will Resign Friday
0063 Moroccan Foreign Minister Meets with his Tunisian Counterpart
0062 Pakistani Chief of Staff Meets with Turkish Military Command
0061 The Commander of the Lebanese Army Receives U.S. Official
0060 Lebanese President Receives Italian Official
0059 China announces $1.6 billion air pollution fund
0058 Emir of Qatar to Visit Turkey
0057 Emir of Qatar Receives Phone Call from Sudan's President
0056 Cyprus telecoms, power company workers call strike
0055 Kerry credits China on North Korea, but "can do more"
0054 Partisan politics put UK climate change policy at risk-minister
0053 Divisions bedevil Republicans ahead of elections
0052 Russia faces growing criticism for jailing Sochi activist
0051 Venezuela opposition leader Lopez faces jail over protest deaths
0050 Marchionne optimistic he'll get Canadian aid
0049 EU delays talks on new deals with Switzerland after migration vote
0048 Major snowstorm shuts down US government, blankets east coast
0047 Israeli fire kills Gaza man near border
0046 US stock futures fall after unemployment data
0045 Swedish central bank keeps lending rate at 0.75 per cent
0044 Greek coast guard: 37 migrants rescued in Aegean
0043 Egyptian Planning Minister Receives President of Islamic Bank
0042 U.S. Retail Sales Fall Unexpectedly
0041 Al-Aiban President Receives Egyptian Ambassador
0040 HRC President Receives Indian Ambassador
0039 Deputy Governor of Riyadh Region Receives Moroccan Minister of Tourism
0038 Governor of Riyadh Region Receives Moroccan Minister of Tourism
0037 270,000 British and Irish homes left without power after storms
0036 Crown Prince receives President of Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities
0035 Arab Economic and Social Council Begins 93rd Session
0034 Crown Prince Receives Chief of Staff of Japanese Maritime Force
0033 Deputy Defense Minister Visits Al-Salam Aircraft Company
0032 Prince Miteb bin Abdullah Lays Foundation Stone for "Tourism and Heritage Oasis" in Al-Janadriyah
0031 Prince Khalid bin Sultan Arrives in Jakarta to Attend Ceremony of Prince Sultan Competition for Holy Quran and Sunnah Memorization
0030 Libyan army helicopter missing
0029 China, Sri Lanka could sign free trade pact this year
0028 China revives moon rover
0027 Interior Ministry's Security Spokesman: Kingdom Receives from Yemen 29 Wanted Saudis
0026 UK to Scotland: Independence means leaving pound
0025 Police: Car bomb explodes next to Somali capital airport
0024 Saudi Arabia Participates in Meeting of Arab Chambers Federation in Jordan
0023 Officials: Bomb blasts kill 5 people in Baghdad
0022 Oil below $100
0021 MWL Secretary General Receives Comoros Consul General to UAE
0020 Kerry seeks to ease tensions in Asia
0019 Nikkei leads fall in weak global stock markets
0018 European shares dip early
0017 Rival Koreas to meet again at border on Friday
0016 SR 9.6 Billion Water Projects To Be Implemented in Jeddah
0015 Epic winter storm marches up Eastern Seaboard
0014 Japan upgrading air forces in response to regional threats
0013 Saudi Press 4 Riyadh
0012 KACST establishes 21 Joint Scientific Centers with Saudi Universities and Global Research Centers
0011 Saudi Press 3 Riyadh
0010 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0009 Saudi Press
0008 Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Holy Quran and Sunnah competition Continues in Jakarta
0007 13 killed in Pakistan car bombing
0006 U.N. Chief Welcomes South Sudan Peace Talks
0005 French President Meets U.S. Technology Executives
0004 U.N. Security Council: Conflict Parties Must Respect, Protect Civilians
0003 Wall Street Closing
0002 Saudi Interior Minister Meets U.S. President Advisor for National Security Affairs
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Thursday, Rabi'II 13, 1435, February 13, 2014

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Al-Sharq newspaper commented on Syria, saying that Iran and Russia want to keep Al-Assad's regime in authority in spite of its crimes against its people for more than four years, which means that the two countries want to destroy Syria until the last stone in it. Al-Riyadh newspaper commented...
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 18, 1436, September 02, 2015, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas. Al-Madinah newspaper indicated in its editorial that the Kingdom strongly condemned in the Cabinet's session...
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Islamabad, Dhu-AlQa'dah 18, 1436, September 02, 2015, SPA -- A US drone killed six militants in north-western Pakistan, officials said Wednesday, as troops gained ground in offensives againist rebels, dpa reported. The unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a...
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