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0075 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Monday, Rabi'II 24, 1435, February 24, 2014
0074 U.S. President Obama Asks for Governors’ Help with Economy
0073 Egyptian Interim President accepts resignation of Beblawy government
0072 Abu-Dhabi Crown Prince visits Japan tomorrow
0071 Outgoing Egyptian Prime Minister Meets with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister
0070 Coordinative Meeting of Communication Directors of Interior Ministries of GCC Starts today in Doha
0069 Egyptian Minister of Defense and Military Production Meets with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister
0068 Sudan's Interior Minister receives Saudi ambassador
0067 Arab Development and Employment Forum starts in Riyadh 4 Riyadh
0066 Second Deputy Premier Congratulates Emir of Kuwait on his Country's National Day
0065 Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Honors Delegation of SFD
0064 Lebanese Foreign Minister Meets with Yemeni Official
0063 Undersecretary of State for African Affairs at the British Foreign Office Arrives in Nigeria
0062 Arab Development and Employment Forum starts in Riyadh 3 Riyadh
0061 The 32nd Regional Conference of FAO Starts in Rome
0060 Saudi Ambassador to Belgium Meets with a Number of GCC Ambassadors in Brussels
0059 Arab Development and Employment Forum starts in Riyadh 2 Riyadh
0058 Minister of Interior directs his ministry to transfer all manual transactions into electronically-driven
0057 Arab Development and Employment Forum starts in Riyadh
0056 GCC SG meets with Director General of ILO
0055 Saudi ambassador to Qatar visits Saudi pavilion at the University of Qatar
0054 Director General of ILO lauds Saudi Arabian labor authorities to bolster labor market
0053 President of the SARCreceives SG of the Arab Red Crescent & Red Cross Organization
0052 UN: 400,000 Displaced by Southeast Congo Attacks
0051 Lebanese Foreign Minister Meets Delegation of GCC Ambassadors
0050 Rain, Snow Forecast for Drought-Suffering California
0049 US Stocks Open Higher on New Wave of Dealmaking
0048 GCC Secretary General Meets with Yemeni Minister of International Planning
0047 Custodian of the Two holy Mosques Receives Message from Palestinian President
0046 Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with Undersecretary of US Department of State for Political Affairs
0045 IVSC Welcomes Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers as New Member 2 Riyadh
0044 IVSC Welcomes Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers as New Member
0043 Bahraini Foreign Minister Receives Saudi Ambassador
0042 GCC Secretary General Meets US Official
0041 Saudi Ambassador Denounces Attacks on Lebanese Military
0040 Jordan's Premier Meets Belgian Deputy Premier
0039 Second Deputy Premier Chairs Cabinet's Session 4 Riyadh
0038 Crown Prince Sends Cable of Congratulations to Emir of Kuwait
0037 Advisory to Editors: Please Ignore Our News Item No. 0036, Replacing it with the Following:
0036 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Sends Cable of Congratulations
0035 Second Deputy Premier Chairs Cabinet's Session 3 Riyadh
0034 Second Deputy Premier Chairs Cabinet's Session 2 Riyadh
0033 Second Deputy Premier Chairs Cabinet's Session
0032 Saudi Crown Prince Visits Japanese Crown Prince
0031 Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Meets French Ambassador in Khartoum
0030 Riyadh Governor Receives President of Saudi Anti-Cancer Society
0029 EU approves rescue plan for Cypriot cooperative banks
0028 Majlis Al-Shura holds session
0027 Egyptian government resigns
0026 Dr. Al-Sudais: Kingdom Takes Upon Itself Support of Brothers Everywhere
0025 Day of solidarity with Syrian children to start on Tuesday evening
0024 Environmental Advancement Forum for Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries Starts in Khobar
0023 President of Saudi Chambers Council Calls for Investment and Commercial Partnership With India
0022 Eurozone inflation stable
0021 Commerce Minister Receives Isuzu Chief in Kingdom
0020 Hajj Undersecretary Meets Lebanese Hajj Delegation
0019 World stocks drop
0018 German business confidence posts surprise gain in February
0017 Islamic Affairs Minister To Lay Foundation Stone For 5 Mosques in Riyadh Tomorrow
0016 Kingdom Consumes 2.5 billion cubic meters of water, electricity sales up 9% in 2012
0015 Second Deputy Premier Receives Director General of International Labor Organization
0014 European shares dip early
0013 Nine dead, 30 injured in Vietnam bridge collapse
0012 Yemeni Siamese Twins "Abdulaziz and Abdullah" Arrive at King Fahd Medical City
0011 Saudi Arabia Ranks 1st in Havana Book Fair
0010 Janadriah / 29th Janadriah Festival Receives 800,000 Visitors Yesterday
0009 Three dead, four missing in Indonesia's Papua landslides
0008 US, South Korea start military manoeuvres
0007 Oil price rises
0006 Saudi Press 3 Riyadh
0005 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0004 Janadriah / 414 Visit Visas Issued for Intellectuals, Writers and Journalists Participating in Janadriah
0003 Saudi Press
0002 SPA President and Saudi Newspapers Chief Editors Visit Reporters Club in Tokyo
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Monday, Rabi'II 24, 1435, February 24, 2014

 Royal Decrees  The Cabinet hajj 1436 national day 85
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Lima, Peru, Dhu-AlHijjah 25, 1436, October 09, 2015, SPA -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew admonished Congress for not moving fast enough to raise the government borrowing limit at a time of heightened fragility in the global economy. Speaking at the annual meetings of the International...
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Mexico City, Dhu-AlHijjah 25, 1436, October 09, 2015, SPA -- Monarch butterflies have begun entering Mexico on their annual migration from the United States and Canada, AP reported. Mexico's Environment Department said Thursday that the orange-and-black butterflies had been spotted...
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Luxembourg, Dhu-AlHijjah 25, 1436, October 09, 2015, SPA -- EU member states met late Thursday with other countries affected by the flow of refugees out of Syria, with a view to helping them improve their reception capacities, in return for efforts to reduce the number of people reaching the...
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MEXICO CITY, Dhu-AlHijjah 25, 1436, October 09, 2015, SPA -- Mexican prosecutors say they have picked seven experts from five countries to carry out a new review of the area where drug gang members allegedly killed and incinerated 43 missing college students, according to AP. Prosecutors have...
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