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0043 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Saturday, Jumada I 7, 1435, Mar 8, 2014
0042 Italian Serie A results and standings
0041 U.S., French Presidents Discuss Ukraine's Crisis over the Line
0040 Chelsea go seven points clear at top of table
0039 Today's resuls of German Bundesliga
0038 Malaysian Airlines Flight Vanishes over South China Sea
0037 Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz patronizes the annual Grand Horse Race on King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Cup 2 Al-Janadriah, outskirts of Riyadh
0036 Over the Line, Kerry, Lavarov Discuss the Situation in Ukraine
0035 Poor travellers Barcelona crash at Valladolid
0034 Algerian FM Meets 2 Malien Ministers
0033 Yemeni Minister of FA is set to take part in AL's meeting in Cairo
0032 Algerian Minister of FA is set to take part in AL's meeting in Cairo
0031 Lebanese President Calls to Honor Constitutional Timetables
0030 Egyptian FM Meets Lebanese Counterpart
0029 Saudi Minister of FA arrives in Cairo
0028 Palestinian President Receives U.N. Official
0027 Yemeni President Receives U.S. Official
0026 Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz patronizes the annual Grand Horse Race on King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Cup
0025 Russia and Ukraine in first face-to-face talks
0024 'Batman' Illarramendi apologises after cow incident
0023 UN marks International Women's Day linking equality and progress
0022 Russia reinforces military presence in Crimea
0021 FARC leader arrested ahead of Colombia parliamentary poll
0020 Jordan to Participate in Lebanon Economic Forum
0019 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Holds Closing Ceremony of Saudi-Tanzanian Youth Dialogue Forum
0018 Saudi Ambassador to Australia Meet with Australian Minister of Education
0017 Plane Catches Fire Landing in Nepal; No Casualties
0016 Chinese Flight School Plane Crashes, Killing 2
0015 Boeing Inspects Undelivered 787s for Hairline Cracks in Wings
0014 Telenor Group to Invest 1 Billion Dollars in Myanmar
0013 OSCE Military Observers in Third Push to Enter Crimea
0012 Third International Conference on Psychiatry and Addiction Starts in Jeddah
0011 Saudi Doctor and Shura Advisor Awarded by U.S. First Lady
0010 Bomb kills Afghan district governor
0009 Seven dead in Belgian road accident
0008 China defiant on territory claims, demands respect
0007 Indian plane catches fire upon landing in Nepal; all on board safe
0006 Pakistan supplies relief aid after famine kills 100 children
0005 Malaysia verifying report airliner crashed at sea
0004 Kingdom to host Asian Media Summit
0003 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0002 Saudi Press
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Saturday, Jumada I 7, 1435, Mar 8, 2014

 Royal Decrees  The Cabinet
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlHijjah 28, 1435, Oct 22, 2014, SPA -- On behalf of Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohieddin Khoja, the Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Jasser, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information, patronized here this evening the farewell ceremony for Mohammed bin Ali Al-Khodair,...
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Washington, Dhu-AlHijjah 28, 1435, Oct 22, 2014, SPA -- U.S. President Barack Obama spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, along with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah, by videoconference Wednesday, the White House said. "The President again commended the President and Dr. Abdullah...
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Ramallah, Dhu-AlHijjah 28, 1435, Oct 22, 2014, SPA -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received here today a telephone call from the Libyan Premier Abdullah Al-Thini. During the conversation, the president expressed good wishes that security and stability may prevail in Libya. For his part,...
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New York, Dhu-AlHijjah 28, 1435, Oct 22, 2014, SPA -- Advisor to the Kingdom Permanent Mission to the United Nations Saad bin Abdullah Al-Saad presided over a meeting of the U.N. Disarmament Committee, in the context of the current 69th session of the UN general assembly. During the meeting,...
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MAKKAH 47 32
RIYADH 41 25
DAMMAM 41 27
JEDDAH 41 28
ABHA 31 18
HAIL 37 23

U.S. Dollar 3.75

Euro 4.95

U.K. Pound 6.048

Emirati Dirham 1.021

Kuwaiti Dinar 13.467

Bahraini Dinar 9.945

Jordanian Dinar 5.293
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