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0061 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Thursday, Jumada II 10, 1435, April 10, 2014
0060 Moroccan King receives Tunisia's President written message
0059 Grand Mufti discharged from hospital
0058 Saudi Arabia has become the world's reference in Siamese separation surgery
0057 Palestinian President, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Discuss Israeli Desacration of Sanctity
0056 Arab League chief backs peace talks
0055 Argentina hit by nationwide strike over inflation
0054 Saudi ambassador to Australia and New Zealand gives dinner party in honor of Minister of Agriculture
0053 Minister of Agriculture Visits Dairy Products' Related Research Centre in New Zealand
0052 Rector of Hail University Meets Kuwaiti Cultural Attache
0051 Saudi Ambassador to Belgium Presents Copy of his Credentials to EU Head of Protocol
0050 Mauritanian FM Receives Saudi Ambassador
0049 Nasdaq tumbles; S&P to end below key level
0048 Obama honours Johnson as champion of Civil Rights Act
0047 U.S. says Russia using natural gas as 'tool' against Ukraine
0046 Libya recovers oil terminals from rebels
0045 Syria agreed to hand over weapons after sarin attack
0044 CBC announces 657 jobs cuts
0043 Greece returns to bond markets, raises 3 billion euros
0042 Court decision on Berlusconi conviction could take 15 days
0041 IMF: Vote on Ukraine package could come in April
0040 U.N. Urges Support to Prevent Further Food Crisis in Sudan
0039 U.N. Security Council Approves U.N. Peacekeepers for CAR
0038 SCRA President Receives Lebanese Ambassador
0037 IMF: Greece "heading in the right direction"
0036 U.S. Import Prices Rise on Higher Food Costs
0035 U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to Near 7-Year Low
0034 US envoy urges Myanmar to help aid groups return
0033 Deputy Defense Minister Receives Commander General of U.S. Army Central Command
0032 Gunmen kill NATO truck driver in Pakistan
0031 450 US, Romanian troops in military exercises
0030 Millions vote in key India poll
0029 Britain, Sweden, Poland want EU Ukraine police mission
0028 Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Visits Institute of Diplomacy
0027 Council of Europe sanctions Russian delegation
0026 Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Holds Reception for President of Arab Tourism Organization
0025 Jordanian Foreign Minister Receives Saudi Ambassador
0024 Aid groups intensify fight against Ebola outbreak in West Africa
0023 Irish president and queen to celebrate progress in Northern Ireland
0022 Russia, EU, Ukraine, U.S. to meet in Geneva next week for talks
0021 NATO's Rasmussen says Russia must pull back troops if wants dialogue
0020 Crown Prince Receives Qassim Deputy Governor
0019 Security Spokesman of Interior Ministry: Two Security Men Martyred by Firing from Unknown Assailants on Saudi-Yemeni Border
0018 Saudi Culture Day Educates Wichita State Students in USA
0017 Indian jet incommunicado for 30 minutes over Germany, report says
0016 China exports unexpectedly fell in March
0015 Car bomb hits Athens - no injuries reported
0014 Bus accident kills 8 kids on school trip in China
0013 Saudi Press 3 Riyadh
0012 Students to end 24-day siege of Taiwan Parliament
0011 Ukraine says won't prosecute protesters who surrender occupied buildings
0010 European shares inch towards multi-year high after Fed minutes
0009 U.S. defence chief praises Mongolia
0008 FTSE gains for 2nd day, Fed minutes improve sentiment
0007 Majlis Al-Shura Delegation Visits Côte d'Ivoire
0006 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0005 Saudi Press
0004 Wall Street Closing
0003 Riyadh Region Governor Patronizes Graduation Ceremony at Al-Yamamah University
0002 Iraqi Twins Separating Surgery Starts at King Abdulaziz Medical City of National Guard in Riyadh Today
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Thursday, Jumada II 10, 1435, April 10, 2014

 Royal Decrees  The Cabinet hajj 1436 national day 85
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UNITED NATIONS, Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- A draft letter from the presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly calls for the next U.N. chief to be selected by September or October of 2016. The letter also says candidates to replace U.N. Secretary-General...
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New York, Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- Environmental regulators in California on Wednesday set a 45-day time limit for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche to provide a recall plan for vehicles powered by 3-litre diesel engines fitted with suspect emissions software,...
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SALINAS PEAK, N.M., Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- An F-16 fighter jet from an Air Force base in Arizona crashed Wednesday while on a training mission in New Mexico, but the pilot safely ejected, authorities said, according to AP. The Fighting Falcon went down about 8:45 a.m. near...
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SURREY, England, , Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- A specific fatty acid that results from maintaining the ketogenic diet may be more effective at controlling epilepsy than many currently used drugs, according to a new study in England, according to UPI. The ketogenic diet consists...
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