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0042 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Ends Transmission for Friday, Shawwal 19, 1435, Aug 15, 2014
0041 Pakistan Assumes Command of the Multi-National Naval Task Force
0040 Deputy Crown Prince condoles Al-Rimaih family on the death of their brother
0039 Deputy Crown Prince condoles Al-Roomi family on the death of their mother
0038 World Scouts Federation Hails Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Initiative of Peace Messengers
0037 Violent Missouri protests subside; slain teen was robbery suspect
0036 Sudan to Host 1st Sudanese-Chadian Economic Forum
0035 Saudi Embassy's Mosque, in Cairo, Inaugurated
0034 Oscar award helps Drogba get No 11 Chelsea shirt back
0033 Los Angeles looks into making ballot bankable
0032 Per Mertesacker is the next German world champion to retire =
0031 Palestinian President Receives Phone Call from Arab League Chief
0030 Lebanese Premier Receives German Ambassador
0029 Minister of Higher Education Concludes Visit to Jordan
0028 Lebanese Parliament's Speaker, German Official Discuss Bilateral Relations
0027 EU warns Russia against illegal military action in Ukraine
0026 Seeing Iraq horror, Europe pledges aid and arms
0025 The Crown Prince Sends a Cable of Congratulations to Turkey's President-Elect
0024 The King Sends a Cable of Congratulations to Erdogan, on Winning Presidential Elections
0023 Stocks retreat on Ukraine news, bond yields fall
0022 Ukraine destroys Russian military vehicles that crossed border
0021 At least 18 killed in clashes between Somali army and militia
0020 Germany Flies Humanitarian Aid to Iraq
0019 Floods in Niger Kill 12, Leave Thousands Hungry
0018 Space Station Supply Ship Exits, Now Packing Trash
0017 U.N. Secretary General Commends Al-Maliki for Acting in the Best Interest of Iraq
0016 Saudi Arabia to Participate in 3rd Development Ambassador Conference
0015 Suarez Trains for First Time with Barcelona
0014 16 Still Trapped in Flooded China Mine
0013 U.S. Calls on Russia Separatists to Allow Aid into Luhansk
0012 Qatari Emir Makes Telephone Call to Malaysian Prime Minister
0011 At Least 11 Killed in Nepal Monsoon Flooding, Landslides
0010 Pakistan Foils Airbase Attacks, Five Killed
0009 Malaysia's Economy Up 6.3 Percent in First Half
0008 Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel League Results and Standings
0007 6 Sentenced to Death in Vietnam for Heroin
0006 U.N. Says More than 100,000 Migrants Reach Italy This Year
0005 U.S. President Obama Speaks with Presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone
0004 Wall Street Closing
0003 President Obama: U.S. Broke Militants' Siege on Iraq Mountain
0002 Saudi Press Headlines
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Friday, Shawwal 19, 1435, Aug 15, 2014

 Royal Decrees  The Cabinet hajj 1436 national day 85
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UNITED NATIONS, Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- A draft letter from the presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly calls for the next U.N. chief to be selected by September or October of 2016. The letter also says candidates to replace U.N. Secretary-General...
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New York, Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- Environmental regulators in California on Wednesday set a 45-day time limit for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche to provide a recall plan for vehicles powered by 3-litre diesel engines fitted with suspect emissions software,...
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SALINAS PEAK, N.M., Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- An F-16 fighter jet from an Air Force base in Arizona crashed Wednesday while on a training mission in New Mexico, but the pilot safely ejected, authorities said, according to AP. The Fighting Falcon went down about 8:45 a.m. near...
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SURREY, England, , Safar 14, 1437, November 26, 2015, SPA -- A specific fatty acid that results from maintaining the ketogenic diet may be more effective at controlling epilepsy than many currently used drugs, according to a new study in England, according to UPI. The ketogenic diet consists...
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