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0051 Ukraine: rebels fire on border guard vessel
0050 Algerian Foreign Minister Meets with His Mali's Counterpart
0049 WHO: Senegal Ebola Case ‘A Top Priority Emergency’
0048 Palestinian PM Receives World Relief Agencies' Representatives
0047 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives Telephone Call from Yemeni President
0046 Ashrawi: Israeli settlements in the West Bank are a perpetuation of Israel’s war crimes
0045 Israeli Forces Arrest 4 Palestinians, Summon Others for Interrogation
0044 Saudi Specialized Clinics Provide Medical Assistance to 2,363 Syrian Refugees
0043 Saudi Embassy Bids Farewell to the 1st Batch of Pakistani Pilgrims Heading to Makkah
0042 French Ligue 1 Results and Standings
0041 Saudi Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand Participates in Arab Ambassadors' Celebration for Supporting Australians Working for Palestine
0040 Scottish Premier League Results and Standings
0039 Deputy Speaker of Majlis Al-Shura Receives Delegation of US Congress
0038 Saudi-US Parliamentary Friendship Committee Meets with US Congress Delegation
0037 Flash Floods Snarl Traffic in Sweden, Denmark
0036 Saudi Arabia to Participate in Khartoum International Book Fair
0035 Magnitude-6 Earthquake Jolts Northern Pakistan
0034 Algerian Foreign Minister Meets with His Malian Counterpart
0033 Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel League Results and Standings 2
0032 Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel League Results and Standings
0031 Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Receives Messages from Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Singapore, Sierra Leone
0030 Crown Prince Congratulates Uzbekistan's President on Independence Day
0029 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Congratulates Uzbekistan's President on Independence Day
0028 10 killed in road accident in north India
0027 Presidency of Meteorology Organizes Workshop on Middle East's Operational Meteorology Information Centre for Aeronautics
0026 Crown Prince Congratulates Slovakia's President on Constitution Day
0025 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Congratulates Slovakia's President on Constitution Day
0024 More than SR 22 million allocated for Mosques and Hajj Publications
0023 Saudi karate team, the third of Arabs
0022 Partial building collapse in Paris suburb kills 1
0021 Car crash kills 14, including Afghans, in Iran
0020 KACST to Organize Saudi International Advanced Technology Conference in September
0019 Six Taliban militants killed in attack on Afghan spy agency
0018 Putin: Russia can't stand aside if people being shot at in Ukraine -agencies
0017 International Islamic Relief Organization to hold meeting
0016 Denmark nominates economics minister to European Commission
0015 New fissure eruption at Iceland volcano prompts highest aviation warning
0014 WHO: Senegal begins emergency investigation after first Ebola case
0013 Lesotho's deputy premier takes reins after PM flees "coup"
0012 Car bomber, gunmen attack security site in Somali capital-police
0011 Ministry of Agriculture Announces Start of Shrimp Fishing Season in Red Sea
0010 Presidents of Asian and International Volleyball Federations hold meeting
0009 Migrant boat carrying 100 capsizes off Libya
0008 World Bank approves 508-million-dollar aid package for Philippines
0007 Russia and Ukraine trade soldiers at border
0006 Twenty-four dead in traffic accident in western Afghanistan
0005 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's scouts participate in 1st Arab Maritime Jamboree in Egypt
0004 Saudi Press 2 Riyadh
0003 Saudi Press
0002 Youth Welfare President approves holding GCC Sports Exhibition 2014
0001 Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Starts Transmission for Sunday, Dhu-AlQa'dah 05, 1435, August 31, 2014

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DENVER, Sha'ban 10, 1436, May 28, 2015, SPA -- Engineers have begun testing NASA's stationary Mars lander, called Insight, at Lockheed Martin's Space Systems facility outside of Denver, according to UPI. The lander is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California,...
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Paris, Sha'ban 10, 1436, May 28, 2015, SPA -- An Ariane 5 rocket blasted off Wednesday from French Guiana on a mission to transport two communications satellites into space, according to dpa. Flight VA223 lifted off at 6:16 pm (2116 GMT). Arianespace said...
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BOGOTA, Colombia, Sha'ban 10, 1436, May 28, 2015, SPA -- Leftist rebels in Colombia claimed on Wednesday that one of their most-veteran fighters, a former envoy to peace talks with the government, was killed during a military raid last week, according to AP. The Revolutionary Armed Forces...
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WASHINGTON, Sha'ban 10, 1436, May 28, 2015, SPA -- Two U.S. Army facilities, the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, and the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, mistakenly shipped suspected live anthrax samples from March 2014 through April 2015, a U.S. official said on Wednesday,...
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MAKKAH 47 32
RIYADH 41 25
DAMMAM 41 27
JEDDAH 41 28
ABHA 31 18
HAIL 37 23

U.S. Dollar 3.75

Euro 4.091

U.K. Pound 5.756

Emirati Dirham 1.021

Kuwaiti Dinar 12.38

Bahraini Dinar 9.948

Jordanian Dinar 5.297
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