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Ministry of Interior: Amphetamine Pills Smuggler Beheaded
Tabuk, Shawwal 12, 1435, Aug 8, 2014, SPA -- Eid bin Salim bin Salman Al-Amiri, a Saudi national, has been convicted of smuggling a large quantity of banned amphetamine pills into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and was beheaded today in Tabuk City, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement today.
The statement confirmed the determination of the Saudi government on combating narcotics and severely punishing the criminals.
11:58 LOCAL TIME 08:58 GMT

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RAMALLAH, Ramadan 17, 1436, Jul 4, 2015, SPA -- Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the adoption of a UN resolution on holding accountable all those who committed serious human rights violations and grave breaches of international law during 2014 summer’s Israeli onslaught...
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BAGHDAD, Ramadan 18, 1436, Jul 5, 2015, SPA -- Iraqi authorities say bombings targeting public places have killed 15 people in and around Baghdad. According to AP, police officials say the deadliest attack occurred Saturday night when a car bomb exploded on a commercial street in Baghdad's...
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Riyadh, Ramadan 17, 1436, Jul 4, 2015, SPA -- Dr. Moufarrej bin Saad Al-Hagbani, Minister of Labor, received here today Egyptian ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dr. Afifi Abdulwahab. During g the meeting, they discussed...
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MOSCOW, Ramadan 17, 1436, Jul 4, 2015, SPA -- Two gunmen, members of the so-called Kizlyar gang involved in plotting terrorist attacks last autumn, were destroyed in Russia's North Caucasian republic of Dagestan. According to TASS, special services received information that the militants'...
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