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WASHINGTON, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- A top Republican Senator said Thursday that his chamber is unlikely to approve an American ambassador to Cuba, dishing out a quick rebuff to President...

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International Islamic Conference for Dialogue 3 Makkah
The statement emphasized that dialogue is one of the most important outlets through which Muslims can perceive the world, and achieve a set of goals, the most important of which is to introduce Islam, its legislations and humanitarian principles, in addition to its rich civilization. Dialogue also enables Islam to contribute to the march of human civilization and to respond to and correct the erroneous slanders raised against Islam, and to address the challenges facing the world owing to distancing themselves from religion and its values. Accordingly the world of today fell in the grip of vice and injustice, terrorism and Human rights violation. Dialogue also provides an opportunity for Muslims to defend causes of human rights and legitimate issues, and create a public opinion in its defense. Enemies of Islam are planning to disqualify Muslims from this legitimate area of struggle to pave the way for the dominance of one culture. The spread of dialogue also helps in solving whatever disputes or chronic conflicts might emerge among Muslims and others who share with them the homelands and communities regardless of being majorities or minorities. It also confirms that Islam believes in co-existence with other civilizations.

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WASHINGTON, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- A top Republican Senator said Thursday that his chamber is unlikely to approve an American ambassador to Cuba, dishing out a quick rebuff to President Barack Obama and his drive to normalize relations with the U.S. neighbor and longtime Cold War...
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New York, Ramadan 16, 1436, Jul 3, 2015, SPA -- U.S. stocks closed down slightly on Thursday after the International Monetary Fund warned Greece ahead of its Sunday referendum that it faces a huge financial hole, and mixed jobs data dampened the U.S. economic outlook, Reuters reported. ...
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Washington, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- Metropolitan police closed an investigation into apparently false reports of a shooting Thursday at the Washington Navy Yard that tied up traffic in the US capital, dpa reported. Amid heightened security awareness ahead of Saturday's...
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Buenos Aires, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- Jorge Zelada, a former director at Petrobras, was arrested Thursday for allegedly misappropriating funds belonging to the company, becoming the fifth executive at the Brazilian energy giant to be held in a widening corruption...
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WASHINGTON, Ramadan 15, 1436, Jul 2, 2015, SPA -- Police issued an "all clear" on Thursday after a false alarm about gunshots fired at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, the site of a mass shooting that took 12 lives two years ago, Reuters reported. The report about shots and a possible...
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