King Patronizes An Annual Meeting of Majlis Al-Shura 3 Riyadh


The King, then, delivered the following address:
"In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Gracious,
Peace be upon Prophet Mohammed and His companions,
Dear Brothers:
I am pleased to meet you at the opening of the third year of the fifth term of Majlis Al-Shura, praying to Allah Almighty to crown your works with success.
The struggle of the father of all people, the late King Abdul Aziz, with your grandfathers (Mercy be upon their souls), has resulted in the unity of hearts, land, and one destiny. Today, this destiny imposes on us to preserve this legacy, and not to stop here, but to develop it further in line with Islamic and moral values.
Yes, it is a responsibility towards our religion, and the interest of our country and its citizens that we should not stop at the hurdles of the current time; but we should strengthen our determination by patience and works with dependence on Allah to address them.
Balanced modernization in line with our Islamic values, which preserve rights, is an important requirement in an era with no room for the weak and undecided people.
All people know that Muslim women have had in the Islamic history, positions that cannot be marginalized, including correct opinions and advice since the era of Prophet Mohammed, as examples, we cite the advice of the Mother of Believers 'Umm Salamah' on 'Al-Hudaybiyah' Day, in addition to many examples during the era of the Prophet's companions and followers until today.
15:44 LOCAL TIME 12:44 GMT