Ministry of Interior issues statement on the attack incident against the Assistant Minister of Interior 7 Riyadh

الأربعاء 1430/9/12 هـ الموافق 2009/09/02 م واس
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Prince Mohammed bin Naif: Your father might understand; as for your mother, if you speak to her but your brother does not, she would think something the matter.
Suicide bomber: I would like to meet with you to explain the whole thing.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: You are welcome. If you came, I promise you to sit together and exchange views. But most important is that the group should not delay. I don't exactly know the situation there.
Suicide bomber: The group members said "Sheikh Saeed, hurry meet with the Prince," and contact the other members; some of them are a little uneasy.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: Uneasy of what?

Suicide bomber: I don't know. Some of them are afraid a bit.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: They might have the right to be. But have not you seen the case of Mohammed. He fine, and doing well and in his own home.
Suicide bomber: We have been informed of that. Thanks to Allah, we felt satisfied after we heard such news. They told me to speak personally with the prince and ask him to meet the young members and reassure them.
Prince Mohammed bin Naif: Now mind you, if you have committed a crime against a certain person, this is a private crime, I tell you now, we follow the Sharia law. Sometimes, we might have unintentionally made a mistake. But, frankly speaking and as you know, nobody is perfect. However, if a killer was indicted, I cannot promise amnesty unless claimants pardon him.
Suicide bomber: May Allah bless you.