Al-Jubeir receives Iraqi Parliament Speaker 2 Riyadh

Wednesday 1437/6/7 - 2016/03/16
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Following the meeting, Al-Jubeir described Al-Jubouri's visit to the Kingdom as important since it is considered part of building the historical relations between the two sisterly countries and achieving the aspirations of the leaderships of the two countries to improve and restructure such relations to return to their prosperous past over history, not only that but to become the best between two countries ever.
He reiterated welcome of the Iraqi parliament speaker and expressed hope to see more consultation and coordination between the two countries in the near future, and to see Iraq occupying its Arab status and prestige and play its basic role in the Arab and Islamic arenas.
For his part, Al-Jubouri thanked the Saudi hosts for warm welcome and generosity, noting that the nature of dialogue in this visit was frank and in-depth as regards the relations between Iraq with its neighboring countries, in general, and with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in particular, citing his talks with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince, the Deputy Crown Prince, the Speaker of Majlis Ashura and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Al-Jubouri said the message he is going to convey to the Iraqi people when he returns home is that Iraq is an integral part of its neighbors' surroundings and it is very important for Iraq to become a decision-maker, maintain its relations with others, citing the deep ties binding Iraq with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq's keen wish to develop its relations with the Kingdom, particularly the joint effort in confronting terrorism and the challenging engulfing the region from wherever they come and building strong ties through which they could be able to build a joint project in the days to come.
19:30 LOCAL TIME 16:30 GMT