Council of Economic, Development Affairs Adopts Governance Framework related to Realizing Vision 2030

Wednesday 1437/8/25 - 2016/06/01
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Jeddah, 25 Shaaban 1437 H, corresponding to June 1, 2016, SPA -- Under the chairmanship of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Economic and Development Affairs, the council's board adopted on Monday, 23 Shaaban 1437, corresponding to May 30, 2016, under the governance framework to realize "Saudi Arabia's vision 2030".
The model included a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of relevant government agencies to achieve the "Saudi Arabia's vision 2030", and escalation mechanisms, in place to overcome obstacles, that may hinder achievement of operational programs' goals.
In this regard, the council's board formed a strategic committee, under the chairmanship of the Chairman, to follow-up realization of "Saudi Arabia's vision 2030", translate it into detailed strategies and executive programs linked to specific periods of time and objectives. It also approved the establishment of an office of strategic management attached to the committee, supported by necessary human resources, to follow the realization of the vision, identify gaps and propose launching executive programs and submitting periodic reports on the extent of achieving the goals of executive programs.
This model falls in line with implementation of world class best practices, in the implementation of strategies, reinforcing the principles of transparency and accountability, through the launch of electronic boards to follow up the performance of measurement indicators, to ensure optimal implementation of "Saudi Arabia's vision 2030".
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