Gulf Research Center Rebuffs UN report on civil casualties in Yemen

الأحد 1437/8/29 هـ الموافق 2016/06/05 م واس
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Jeddah, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Othman bin Saqr, President of the Gulf Research Center said the perpetual killing of Yemeni civilians, particularly children, results from arbitral shelling coming from rebel forces on civil-populated area in Yemen.
In a press statement, he attributed this to lack of precision of the rebels weapons used in the battle, adding that the rebels strategy was based on attacking the civilians exploiting the lack of strict and impartial international monitoring authority that could pinpoint the attacker and hold him responsible.
He lashed out at the UN report, holding the coalition forces responsible of as much as 60% of abrupt attacks on civilians and the death of children in Yemen last year, describing the report as lacking reliable sources of information.
He cited the cruel crimes committed by Iran's puppet forces in other areas of conflict in Syria and Iraq, questioning whether the UN monitors are aware of this.
He defended the coalition forces as organized and systematic when they use attacking armament in addition to their well-trained forces in comparison of the militias fighting a guerilla war.
He added that the objective of the coalition forces is to defend the civilians and not to harm them, a reason behind cancelling many air raids every day to avoid falling in the vicinity of residential complexes.
He concluded that the coalition forces have convinced the world of its humanitarian intentions, citing the relief and humanitarian assistance being delivered to the needy in Yemen in millions of US dollars.
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