Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session 4 Jeddah

Monday 1438/11/1 - 2017/07/24
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After seen a proposal presented by the Crown Prince, Deputy Premier (and Minister of Defense), who is also Chairman of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development, the Cabinet approved the establishment of the National Project for Atomic Energy in the Kingdom.
The project consists of a number of programs and initiatives as figured out in the resolution.
Based on a recommendation of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development, the Cabinet approved both the financial and administrative regulations of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy.
The Cabinet decided the following:
1 / Cancellation of item Second of its decision No. (552) dated 25/12/1437 H.
2/ Without violating the provisions of Article (2) of the regulation of holidays, an employee is entitled to enjoy his previous balance of regular leave deserved before the Cabinet's Decision No. (552) dated 25/12/1437 H., yet not exceeding (120) days during just one year of his/her such balance and from his deserved annual leave.
However, the employer will have the right to, according to the organization's interest, hold the employee's request to enjoy his previous balance of the regular leave referred to in paragraph (1) or reduce the period of leave, provided that the employee's balance of holidays will not be less than a balance of 36 days within three years.
If the employee has already enjoyed a normal leave out of his/her previous balance remaining effective after the Cabinet's decision No. (552) dated 25/12/1437 H., the period of such leave shall be excluded from his/her balance of ordinary leave after the entry into force of this decision.
3/ All governmental agencies, including public institutions, bodies, funds and other persons of general moral status, each according to his/ her respective capacity, shall adjust the provisions relating to the ordinary leave of their employees in accordance with the above-mentioned provisions of item Second.
18:27 LOCAL TIME 15:27 GMT