Yemeni Legitimate Government Deplores Putschists Claim on Maritime Cable Project

الجمعة 1439/2/21 هـ الموافق 2017/11/10 م واس
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Aden, Safar 21, 1439, Nov 10, 2017, SPA -- Spokesman of the legitimate Yemeni government Rajih Badi deplored here today misinformation and claims of the pro-coup d'état forces on separation of the international telecommunications network between various regions of Yemen.
The legitimate government is establishing a giant communications project that serves all of Yemen, through the sea cable and through development of a network that starts in Aden and covers all provinces, Badi said, adding that what the perpetrators are promoting as the foreign minister in the government of the unrecognized pro-coup government, which considered the move as divisive, reflects the extent of panic that caused them to lose one of the most important sources of looting and finance what they call the "war effort" to continue killing Yemeni people.
A giant telecommunications project, which covers all governorates of Yemen without exception, will multiply the Internet capacity and speeds hundreds of times from what is currently, in place.
The legitimate government has taken responsibility to ensure that no significant investment opportunity is lost, he stated, to the control of the coup d'état forces from the payment of its obligations to foreign companies that are implementing the project, following the looting of their resources and using it for other purposes, he concluded.
-- SPA
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