Completion of arrival of teams and pilots participating in General Aviation Forum which starts off tomorrow in Riyadh

الخميس 1441/5/28 هـ الموافق 2020/01/23 م واس
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Riyadh, January 22, 2020, SPA -- The arrival of teams and pilots participating in General Aviation Forum was completed today. The event is hosted by the capital Riyadh, with the participation of more than 60 pilots and 7 teams for international air shows from Italy, Britain, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
The opening ceremony will be patronized by Prince Faisal bin Bandar, the Governor of the Riyadh region, and in the presence of Prince Sultan bin Salman and a large number of audiences interested in the aviation industry, as the forum aims to spread the culture of general aviation in society, and preparing various segments of aviation practice, and upgrading general aviation activity in the kingdom in particular and the region in general, while creating attractive investment opportunities in this field, and providing an opportunity to meet pilots in the kingdom and countries of the world to exchange experiences in the field of general aviation, and in addition to that providing an attractive and distinguished recreational environment for different segments of society, especially young people, to enjoy air shows and dazzling and creative games with airplanes.
A number of events will be held accompanying the forum, such as the display of aircraft owned by members of the Saudi Aviation Club, in addition to the presentation of many different types of aircraft participating in the forum from several countries, and will provide informative bulletins to the public about these aircraft, and the pilots will answer their questions about the event and aviation matters, and the forum will allocate and attract local and international entities specialized and interested in the field of aviation, who are aircraft owners and pilots from around the world, in addition to aircraft owners from members of the Saudi Aviation Club, and a number of flying teams, including the Saudi Falcons team, the Emirates Knights team, and the Saudi Aviation Club team for skydiving, the Saudi Airlines Aviation Club team for aircraft models, and six of the most famous aviation teams in the world belong to five countries, in addition to companies providing services in the field of general aviation.
The forum will launch a number of attractive and exciting activities in the fields of aviation and its shows that appeal to the audience and viewers who will be attracted by the forum, especially from the youth and aviation enthusiasts category, where the forum will provide over three days air shows implemented by local and international air teams, including impressive nightly air shows held for the first time in the kingdom, free parachute jumping shows, as well as a review by the Saudi Aviation Club team of many civil aircraft models to inform the public of its development and characteristics, and there will be an educational activity that includes a number of workshops in which a group of pilots and those interested in general aviation.
The forum, which will be held over a period of three days from one o'clock in the afternoon until seven in the evening, will include impressive events and activities in this exceptional event, which it is hosting for the fifth year in a row, which comes at the initiative of the Saudi Aviation Club, is a unique occasion that makes Riyadh the first destination for professional, amateur, local and regional aviation sports and events, and an opportunity to spread and support aviation culture and its sciences among the Saudi society, especially young people, and to upgrade their activities, as an initiative to expand the concept of entertainment stemming from aviation activities and applications, and to encourage and support tourism activities in the kingdom.
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