1644 New Cases Reported in KSA, Coronavirus too Dangerous, Rapidly Spreading -Health Ministry Announced

Thursday 1441/10/5 - 2020/05/28
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Riyadh, May 28, 2020, SPA -- Ministry of Health announced here today that new 1644 confirmed cases of contracting novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), raising the tally to 80,185 cases, including 25,191 active cases still undergoing medical treatment, but generally reassuring, meanwhile there are 419 critical cases.
Also 3531 cases of recovery were reported, raising their toll to 54,553 recoveries, the ministry pointed out, adding that 42 per cent of the cases are Saudis while 58 per cent were Non-Saudis.
Gender-wise, the females constituted 26 per cent compared to 74 per cent for males and coming to age-wise the elders formed 5 per cent, the children 12 per cent and the adult 83, according to the ministry, and they were distributed as following: 611 in Riyadh, 360 in Jeddah, 148 in Makkah, 101 in Dammam, 91 in Hafouf, 50 in Madinah, 46 in Khobar, 25 in Dhahran, 22 in Taif and 20 in Hail, with other lesser cases, across the Kingdom.
In terms of death, 16 new cases were reported raising the toll to 441, only one of them was Saudi national aged 51 years old, while the deaths have taken place in Makkah, Jeddah, Madinah, Jizan, Dammam and Khobar, with their ages ranging from 30 to 68 years old, predominantly experiencing chronic diseases, however the rate of recovery has jumped to 68 per cent against a rate of fatalities at 0.55 per cent, the ministry stated.
Coming to the laboratory checkups, the ministry said new 16428 confirmatory laboratory checkups of the virus have taken place now, that pushed the tally to 770,696, urging the public to be keen on hand washing with water and soap, as the main protective tool against the virus, in addition to covering the mouth and nose, on going out, putting on a cloth mask.
The ministry reiterated that the virus is very nefarious, rapidly spreading and that the infection transmits from one to another regardless of age, but elders, those with respiratory diseases and chronic diseases, are especially, the most vulnerable.
All information relating to the novel Coronavirus pandemic are at avail on anti-corona website: https://covid19awareness.sa/. The ministry hope all to live safely, exhorting them to review the data on the site.
20:44 LOCAL TIME 17:44 GMT