Arab Parliament President: Yemen Pledging Event 2020 represents Saudi Arabia's continuing support for the Yemeni people

الاثنين 1441/10/9 هـ الموافق 2020/06/01 م واس
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Cairo, June 1, 2020, SPA -- The President of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Mishaal bin Fahim Al-Salami, described the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's organizing in partnership with the United Nations the Yemen High-level Pledging Event 2020, as a continuation of its humanitarian and development support for the Yemeni people. He added that it also embodies the leading role that the Kingdom plays as the first supporter of Yemen and the largest funders of the UN humanitarian response plans.
In a press statement, he stressed the importance of the event in light of health and economic repercussions being imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic in order to help the Yemeni people and alleviate their suffering. He also pointed out that the event is a continuation of the support being provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan of the United Nations.
He stressed that the Event will contribute significantly to mobilizing the necessary funding to support relief, humanitarian and development programs to help the Yemeni people improve their living conditions.
The President of the Arab Parliament called on regional and international relief organizations and donor countries to participate in the Pledging Event to stand with Yemen and its people.
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