An Approval Issued to fully Lift the Curfew from 06 am on Sunday, Ban on Umrah, Visit, Int'l Flights to Continue

Saturday 1441/10/28 - 2020/06/20
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Riyadh, June 20, 2020, SPA -- An official source, at the Ministry of Interior said that in furtherance to the statement issued on May 26 2020, corresponding to Shawwal 3 1441 H, and based on a report submitted by the pertinent health authorities over the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom to combat Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the possibility of returning to normal, provided utmost caution and protection are taken, as well as observance of full abidance by the precautionary measures and preventive procedures, a noble approval was issued as follows:
Firstly: Curfew shall be, fully, lifted from the morning of Sunday June 21 2020 corresponding to Shawwal 29 1441 H, in all regions and cities of the Kingdom and all economic and commercial activities shall be resumed, taking into the consideration the following:
- Emphasizing the full commitment to apply all accredited preventive protocols by all activities.
- Committing to social distancing and putting on the mask or covering the nose and mouth, by all.
- Human gatherings shall not exceed 50 persons, to the maximum.
- All aforementioned procedures shall be subject to regularly periodic review by the Ministry of Health.
Secondly: Suspension of Umrah and visit shall continue and shall be, regularly reviewed, in the light of health data (information).
Thirdly: Suspension of international flights, entry and exit through land and maritime borders, shall continue until further notice.
Fourthly: Imposing penalties as set forth on individuals and establishments violating decisions and instructions relating to procedures to combat spread of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).
The source stressed the importance of leveling up to the responsibility by all citizens, residents and employers, as well, shall be reasserted, in abidance by the precautionary measures and preventive procedure and committing by the instructions issued by the pertaining authorities.
He also exhorted all to upload the application of Tawakalna and Tabaud, for their utmost significance to confront the pandemic and get the medical and health guidance, instructions and developments related to Coronavirus.
-- SPA
17:46 LOCAL TIME 14:46 GMT