Saudi Summer to Unveil the Most Famous Tourist Sites 2

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The journey will not be complete without visiting the old markets of Riyadh, and enjoying its products, such as the historic Souk Al-Zal in Riyadh, in which various products of traditional handicrafts of woven carpets, spices, incense, traditional clothing and antiques are displayed.
The Edge of the World is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Riyadh, as it is separated from its visitors by a winding path along a hill leading to the highlands of Tuwaiq to unveil a captivating landscape of its valleys, and its breathtaking horizon on a high-rise called the “Edge of the World”, located 90 kilometers from the city of Riyadh It is part of the vast slopes of Tuwaiq, which extend to more than 600 kilometers in the center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was overlooking an ancient commercial road used to cross the Arabian Peninsula from Yemen to the region of Syria.
When visiting the Kingdom, it is necessary to stop in Jeddah, as there is no place comparable to its charm, its pace of life and markets, and the old town, not to mention its coast, as it is the gateway to Makkah with its ancient Islamic history.
Jeddah has acquired a historical dimension, when you visit “Al-Balad” area that was built in the 17th century, you will enjoy one of the unforgettable experiences. There are subtle restorations on the houses and alleys to preserve the area’s charm and authenticity.
Jeddah Corniche is the most popular area, as it is in area of more than 30 kilometers that embraces the waters of the Red Sea, with many restaurants, entertainment places and parks for rest and relaxation.
The art scene has flourished in Jeddah, and today in the city's galleries that fit everyone's taste of modern art, most notably the Jeddah Sculpture Museum, which is located on the Corniche, and includes an amazing collection of pieces dedicated to Jeddah, including the works of Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Joan Miro, in addition to the city of Al-Tayebat International Science and Knowledge, which is one of the important places to visit, the museum includes a wide range of monuments dating back to Islamic history and pre-Islam period.
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