Two Holy Mosques Affairs Presidency holds meeting to discuss post-corona Umrah performance plan

الأربعاء 1442/2/13 هـ الموافق 2020/09/30 م واس
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Makkah, Sep 30, 2020, SPA -- The General Presidency of Two Holy Mosques Affairs held a meeting here today to discuss an unprecedented post-corona Umrah performance plan, aiming to assure a safe journey of Umrah performers from their arrival points to the holy places and back their temporary residences.
During the meeting, which was presided over by the General President's Undersecretary for Planning and Development Affairs Naif Al-Matrafi, and attended by Umrah Twaf (circumambulation) Official Agents, who are in charge of guiding worshippers during performing the circumambulation ritual, details of the coronavirus-COVID-19 plan were hypothetically implemented, including operational, sterilization, and medical cleansing procedures as well as traffic and security measures.
18:56 LOCAL TIME 15:56 GMT