Group Dispatching over 7.5 Million Umrah Performers, Worshipers since the Resumption of Umrah and Prayers at the Grand Holy Mosque

Tuesday 1442/6/20 - 2021/02/02
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Makkah, February 02, 2021, SPA -- The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs has announced the group dispatching of more than 7.5 million Umrah performers and worshipers since the resumption of Umrah and prayers at the Grand Holy Mosque.
The presidency indicated that the number of Umrah performers reached 1,934,000, while the number of worshippers reached 5,480,000, during the period from 04 October, 2020, until 30 January, 2021.
The Presidency has devoted all its energies to serve the visitors of the Grand Holy Mosque and to provide a safe and healthy environment.
With the beginning of the third phase of Umrah resumption, there were special paths near the Holy Kaaba for the elderly and people with disabilities, where the first path for wheelchairs is 155 meters long and accommodates 45 wheelchairs, and the circumambulation process takes 10 to 15 minutes. The second path is 145 meters long, which is closest to the Holy Kaaba. It accommodates 50 people, and it is specified for elderly who do not need wheelchairs.
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