Saudi Press: Immunization Decision to Take Effect to Enter Activities, Events, Facilities and Using Public Transportation

Tuesday 1442/12/17 - 2021/07/27
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Riyadh, July 27, 2021, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional, and international arenas.
Al-Bilad newspaper reported in its editorial that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made unprecedented achievements in confronting COVID-19 Pandemic, which are recognized regionally and internationally.
The efforts being exerted by the concerned authorities included applying all precautionary and preventive measures, in addition to taking vaccines available in equipped centers in every regions of the Kingdom, the paper said.
By August 1, the immunization decision approved by the Ministry of Health will take effect to enter activities, events, facilities and using public transportation, which requires the “Tawakulna” application to be showed to ensure the immunization cases of citizens and residents, the paper added.
Such important decision will effectively contributed to enhancing efforts and protecting the lives, in addition to returning activities gradually to the normal, the paper concluded.
Al-Riyadh newspaper reported in its editorial that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has geographical diversity and rich cultural heritage which made it topped the global lists interested in classifying the historical heritage.
Saudi Arabia worked on maintaining and rehabilitating the heritage and historical sites to receive the interested and visitors, as these efforts come in line with the goals of its vision 2030, the paper said.
In this regard, the Minister of Culture announced the registration of Cultural Rock Arts at Hima in Najran in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the sixth Saudi site on the global cultural list, the paper added.
The Cultural Rock Arts is one of the world's largest rock art complexes which includes tens of thousands of inscriptions written in several ancient texts, the paper concluded.
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