China Reports 85 New Coronavirus Cases for Aug 4 vs 96 Previous Day

الخميس 1442/12/26 هـ الموافق 2021/08/05 م واس
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Beijing, August 05, 2021, SPA -- China reported on Thursday 85 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the mainland for Aug. 4, down from 96 a day earlier, according to the National Health Commission.
Of the new infections, 62 were locally transmitted, the health authority said. That compares with 71 local cases a day earlier.
China reported 54 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases, which it does not classify as confirmed infections, compared with 27 a day earlier. No new deaths were reported.
As of Aug. 4, mainland China had recorded 93,374 confirmed cases, with the cumulative death toll unchanged at 4,636.
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