Fifth FII Brings together over 2,000 Missions, 5,000 Participants 3 Riyadh

الخميس 1443/3/15 هـ الموافق 2021/10/21 م واس
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For his part, FII Institute COO Rakan Tarabzoni explained that the FII is independent, non-profitable, and manages the activity as a result of the investments of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), under the directives of HRH the Crown Prince, adding that the institute is conducting many studies in robots (artificial intelligence), health care and sustainability.
He stressed that the FII takes into account the main trends in investment that help create a better future for all, besides the investment arm, indicating that the institute has its platform that displays all its products, organizes many annual events around the world, and operates on tangible matters on the ground.
Meanwhile, Head of Investments at FII Institute Anthony Berkley underlined that the institute focuses on investing in the human aspect, and works on positive investment opportunities for the peoples and the planet, highlighting the importance of using technology in sustainability, health care, and education.
"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working on concluding many investment agreements in the technology sector,” he added, citing King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), as one of the most important innovative entities, that aims to find advanced technical solutions in the agricultural sector, and has begun to build a reserve in the desert, relying on the use of solar energy to provide water, and also using artificial intelligence to conduct the process of harvesting organic crops, which are currently sold in the central markets.
He indicated that those who use technology in agriculture aim to improve productivity and the agricultural production sector, asserting that the Kingdom is moving at a very rapid pace in that regard, and offer great care to companies that utilize technology in their production.
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