OIC Secretary General Values Saudi Initiative to Hold Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting to Support Afghan People

Wednesday 1443/4/26 - 2021/12/01
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Jeddah, December 01, 2021, SPA -- Hussein Ibrahim Taha, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), affirmed that the General Secretariat has begun coordinating with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, OIC headquarters host country and Head of the Islamic Summit, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, regarding holding an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and contribute to providing an appropriate humanitarian response.
In a statement, the OIC Secretary General valued the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's initiative to call for this important meeting, which comes within the framework of the Kingdom's well-established policy to enhance Islamic solidarity and joint Islamic work, praising the Islamic Republic of Pakistan's readiness to host the meeting on December 17, 2021, which confirms its keenness to support the Afghan people and enhance regional security and peace.
He expressed his aspirations that the outcomes of the extraordinary meeting would contribute to mitigate the suffering of the Afghan people and provide humanitarian assistance, through finding appropriate mechanisms and coordination with the United Nations, its relevant agencies, and international financial institutions.
He pointed out that the extraordinary meeting comes as an extension of the OIC efforts regarding the situation in Afghanistan, affirming that the OIC member states seek to assist Afghanistan in establishing peace, security, stability and development.
The meeting expressed its grave concern over the degradation of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan as a result of the influx of refugees and displaced people due to the current conditions in the country and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, calling upon the member states, Islamic financial institutions and partners to work urgently providing humanitarian aid in the most needed areas in Afghanistan.
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