Global Council for Tolerance and Peace Condemns Houthi Militia Launch of Ballistic Missiles on UAE

Monday 1443/6/21 - 2022/01/24
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Cairo, January 24, 2022, SPA -- The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace on Monday strongly denounced and condemned the terrorist Houthi militia’s launch of two ballistic missiles on Abu Dhabi, which were intercepted by the UAE air defense forces.
President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace Ahmad bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, in a statement, said: “The repetition of such terrorist attacks represents a flagrant challenge of this terrorist militia to the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the Arab League that condemned the heinous terrorist attack on civilians and civil objects and facilities in UAE on January 17, stressing that they constitute a clear violation to the international law and the international humanitarian law.”
Al-Jarwan called on the international community to take a firm position to put a limit to the terrorism that the terrorist Houthi militia is practicing and classifying it as a terrorist group damaging the international peace and security.
He also praised the solidarity of countries and regional and international organizations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their condemnations of the attacks perpetrated by the terrorist Houthi militia.
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