Future Aviation Forum to Shed Light on Sector’s Investment Opportunities worth USD 100 Billion

Tuesday 1443/9/18 - 2022/04/19
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Riyadh, April 19, 2022, SPA -- The Future Aviation Forum, organized by the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) between May 9 and 11, is held amidst big investment opportunities in the sector worth USD 100 billion by 2030.
The forum - which will see the participation of several transport ministers, heads of civil aviation commissions, specialists, and international and regional organizations concerned with the civil aviation sector - will discuss investment opportunities in the civil aviation sector and shed light on the possibility of investing promising opportunities and expand the aviation sector to realize the strategic vision of the sector in being a hub for global aviation. The event is interested in investment opportunities and the contribution of the civil aviation to the economic growth, where some sessions will focus on private sector participants and their perspective on investment opportunities in the aviation field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to three main aspects of the forum of innovation, growth and sustainability, which are described as main and effective aspects in the civil aviation industry.
The Future Aviation Forum allows participation in the aviation world in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amidst unprecedented opportunities after the accelerating developments that are witnessed by the sector to become the global aviation center and the most prominent in the Middle East, in addition to encouraging the signing of deals, unifying global efforts to develop the air transport industry, and preparing policies and systems in a way that keeps pace with global developments and changes.
The event aims at finding solutions that can contribute to the prosperity of the civil aviation sector in the coming years, especially that the phase facing the sector requires the importance of activating global cooperation activities in the civil aviation and empowering cooperative work to support realizing ambitions, innovation and preparing necessary policies to guarantee a promising future for the sector, where the forum can be a gathering point for senior leaders of the industry in the Future Aviation Forum in Riyadh and cooperation to push forward towards ambition, innovation and preparing the necessary policies to guarantee a promising future for this industry.
The Future Aviation Forum will kick off in the presence of an elite of representatives of the civil aviation sector around the globe and senior officials for civil aviation leaders from various countries and organizations, in addition to CEOs of several international air transport companies and businesspeople, amidst the participation of more than 120 speakers.
A total of 40 sessions will be held over three days to discuss the future of aviation.
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