The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition: A Saudi Humanitarian Initiative Will Release (163) Houthi Detainees Who Had Been Involved in Hostilities Against the Kingdom

Thursday 1443/9/27 - 2022/04/28
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Riyadh, April 28, 2022, SPA -- A statement by the Official Spokesperson of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki
“The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will release (163) Houthi detainees who had participated in hostilities against the Kingdom as a humanitarian initiative in extension to previous ones, and support of all the endeavors and efforts to bring about peace and end the Yemeni conflict, in addition to supporting UN efforts to stabilize the current ceasefire, and create conducive efforts for dialogue between Yemeni parties. Additionally, this humanitarian initiative aims to aid in ending the PoW, Detainee and Martyr case in accordance to Islamic principles, inherent Arab values as well as the International Humanitarian Law in the third Geneva Convention provisions that were stalled ever since 2018 in the Stockholm Agreement.
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has begun the process of releasing the (163) detainees in coordination with the ICRC in order for them to be transported the Yemeni Capital Sana’a.
Putting an end to the prisoner exchange and martyr case is a priority to the political and military leaderships, who have always reaffirmed that dealings in these cases should be purely undertaken in a humanitarian manner, away from any political or military gains and agendas.”
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