Yemeni National Executed in Riyadh for Committing Major Crimes, Including Espionage for the Houthis of Yemen

Saturday 1443/10/13 - 2022/05/14
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Riyadh, May 14, 2022, SPA -- The Ministry of Interior issued a statement today, announcing the killing of Mohammed Abdulbaset Al-Muallami, Yemeni national, for having committed a series of capital crimes, including receiving training at home on using explosives and weapons inside Saudi Arabia for the benefit of Yemeni-based Houthi militia, illegally crossing the border, spying and practicing espionage, providing assistance and sensitive information for the Houthis, planning to attack a vital leading site in the Kingdom and sending abroad highly-confidential information about a host of state installations inside the Kingdom.
The culprit pleaded guilty of all accusations he faced, the ministry's statement said, adding that, folloing the proper litigation procedure, a royal order was then issued to impose capital punishment against him according to Islamic Sharia law.
Accordingly, he was executed in Riyadh Region today, said the Ministry.
14:26 LOCAL TIME 11:26 GMT