Saudi National Executed in the Eastern Region for Committing Major Crimes, Including Manufacturing of Deadly Explosives and Attacking Security Men

Saturday 1443/10/13 - 2022/05/14
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Riyadh, May 14, 2022, SPA -- The Ministry of Interior issued a statement today, announcing the killing of
Mohammed bin Khidir bin Hashim Al-Awami, Saudi national, for having committed a series of capital crimes,
including taking part in a terrorist cell, putting his home at the disposal of the terrorist cell, possessing and manufacturing weapons and explosives, including RPJ and molotovs, destabilizing security, spreading chaos, rioting, attacking to kill security men, and damaging public installations inside the Kingdom.
The culprit pleaded guilty of all accusations he faced, the ministry's statement said, adding that, folloing the proper litigation procedure, a royal order was then issued to impose capital punishment against him according to Islamic Sharia law.
Accordingly, he was executed in the Eastern Region today, said the Ministry.
15:40 LOCAL TIME 12:40 GMT