Officials, Scholars welcome Saudi King's appeal for constructive dialogue

Thursday 1429/7/14 - 2008/07/17
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Madrid, July 17, SPA -- Dr Baheej Mulla Haweesh, a member of the International Mosques Council, said Thursday the keynote address of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz at the inaugural ceremony of World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid yesterday, clearly showed that Islam is the religion of dialogue and coexistence.
On his part, Father.Econos Nabbel Haddad, Executive Director of the Jordanian Center for Religious Co-existence Researches said the speech of King Abdullah was characterized by wisdom and foresight. "Moreover,
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is fully aware of dangers facing the world."

Commenting on the depth and rationality of the King's address at WCD in the Spanish capital, Jesse Jackson, a civil rights activist in the US, said the King's speech was a distinguished one in its contents and noble message.
He noted that King Abdullah is keen on avoiding conflicts and disputes.
Jackson said King Abdullah had shed light on important issues like terrorism and hunger.