Denmark upgrades Palestinian diplomatic status during Abbas visit

Wednesday 1432/4/4 - 2011/03/09
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Copenhagen, Rabi Al-Akhir 04, 1432 H/March 09, 2011, SPA -- Denmark on Wednesday announced that it would
upgrade the diplomatic status of Palestinian representatives in the
Scandinavian country, in connection with an ongoing visit by
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, dpa reported.

The upgrade from general delegation, the third highest rank, to
mission, the second highest, mirrored moves by several other
countries - most recently Britain.

The Danish government wanted to show that it "recognized the
progress made to reform the Palestinian society," Prime Minister Lars
Lokke Rasmussen said.

Abbas also held talks with Foreign Minister Lena Espersen. The
Middle East peace process was among the issues discussed, with Danish
officials saying they hoped for a breakthrough.

19:16 LOCAL TIME 16:16 GMT