Bosnia to appeal U.N. court's ruling clearing Serbia of genocide

Friday 1438/5/20 - 2017/02/17
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SARAJEVO, Jumada I 20, 1438, Feb 17, 2017, SPA -- The Muslim Bosniak member of Bosnia's presidency said on Friday that Bosnia would appeal a top U.N. court's ruling clearing Serbia of blame for genocide, despite a warning by his Serb and Croat counterparts that it would provoke a political crisis.
"The request for (revision) will be filed next week," Bakir Izetbegovic, who heads the largest Bosniak party, SDA, told a news conference.
"We are interested in the truth and the process of reconciliation based on the truth."
The 2007 judgment by the International Court of Justice exonerated Serbia of direct responsibility for the killing, rape and "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia, but concluded that Serbia had failed in its responsibility to prevent genocide.
-- SPA
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