Implementing UN Resolutions' Relevant to Yemen, Only Mean to Bring Peace - Yemeni FM

Thursday 1438/5/26 - 2017/02/23
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Riyadh, Jumada I 26, 1438, Feb 23, 2017, SPA -- Yemeni Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi confirmed here today, that carrying out of UN resolutions related to Yemen, notably Resolution no. 2216, is the only way conducive to bringing about peace, in Yemen and compelling coup militias to go out of the towns, surrender their arms, halting Iranian interventions, in Yemeni internal affairs and smuggling arms to the putschists.
During a meeting with Director of the Belgian Institute for International Relations Marc Otte and the Belgian Ambassador to the Kingdom Gert Creel, the minister added that the internationally recognized Yemeni government bets on the European Union and European powers, with membership in the UN Security Council, in coordination with the United States and political settlement, in Yemen, sponsoring states to jointly work, in order to carry out UN resolutions related to Yemen.
He pointed out that the putschists attempted to assassinate President Abdu Rabbo Mansur Hadi, consequently, compelled the government to defend the country.
-- SPA
22:03 LOCAL TIME 19:03 GMT