Iran exports death to Yemen and Al-Houthi sells it to citizen as a medicine

Thursday 1438/6/10 - 2017/03/09
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Aden, 10 Jumada II,1438 AH, 09 March,2017 , SPA -- Iran has since its inception continued to export death to all surrounding countries and interfere in the affairs of states by supporting militias to destabilize security in the region.
In Yemen, Iran has supported rebels strategically, logistically and militarily and the Revolutionary Guard used fake companies registered outside the country as a front to help smuggling money and goods to rebels frequently.
In this aspect, press sources said that Al-Houthi militias introduced a drug shipment in large quantities as Iranian aid and medical supplies to Yemen. The sources explained that the drug shipment entered Sanaa and delivered to stores of some traders who have recently established companies for this purpose.
The sources indicated that Al-Houthi militias introduced six containers loaded with 24 varieties of drugs, including narcotic and psychotropic substances whose valued amounted to $ 2,400,000.
The sources said the substances valued in the market at about six million dollars, including narcotics (PTD), (Dezbam) and (midazolam) in large quantities and are sold by Houthi supervisors of pharmacies directly and these dugs cause death directly, which warns of disaster in the Yemen society.
Yemeni observers said that the smuggling of such drugs by Al-Houthi aims to harm the Yemeni society through abuses and addiction, as Iran seeks to sacrifice civilians and help putschists in destroying and looting the capabilities of the country, eliminating the cohesion of Yemen and exporting the revolution to it, in addition to helping Al-Houthi and Saleh in the establishment of illegal trade and smuggling.
Recent reports said that Iran has received about 7,000 Yemenis for studying there and indoctrinating them with Khomeini thought. Iran has also provided coup militias of Al-Houthi and Saleh with explosive mines manufactured in Iran to be planted in the streets and between houses, and continued to smuggle weapons and missiles in spite of Security Council resolution 2216, while Arab Coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in parallel with the battles takes great care of humanitarian works that precede military actions and carries out medical programs for those in need of medical services.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked to help the legitimate government in the restoration of Yemeni social fabrics ruined by coup militias, and rehabilitation and maintenance of affected schools through King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, in addition to providing everything that assists the Yemeni national army in clearing the Yemeni territories from mines and controlling marine ports to prevent arms smuggling.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently announced its intention to establish free trade zones between the Kingdom and Yemen to serve the economy of the two countries after the end of the coup and war, reiterating its confirmation to assist the legitimate government in improving Yemeni economy indicators.
-- SPA
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