Saudi Embassy, in the Maldives, Dismisses, Widely Circulated Allegations of the Kingdom Buying an Island, Atoll, in the Country, as Baseless, Unfounded

Thursday 1438/6/10 - 2017/03/09
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Malé, the Maldives, Jumada II 10, 1438, Mar 9, 2017, SPA -- Saudi embassy, in the Republic of the Maldives issued a press release here today, dismissing widely circulated baseless and unfounded allegations that recklessly claim buying of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of an island, islands or an atoll.
Refuting these fabricated items, the press release said that: In recent weeks, the embassy - of Saudi Arabia - has become aware of a number of press reports and statements made, which states that the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has bought or is trying to buy an island or/and an atoll or to develop a mega project, on the Maldives' soil, the press release stated, adding that: Those information are not true, henceforth, the Government of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia neither invest in such project nor has an intention doing so or buying a land/island or an atoll, in the Republic of Maldives.
It is disappointing that a number of baseless allegations are made and, widely, circulated and echoed without verifying their accuracy and the embassy confirms, anew, that it has never been contacted, in this regard, at all, the embassy concluded the statement.
-- SPA
19:40 LOCAL TIME 16:40 GMT