Yemeni diplomat: What is happening in Yemen is a project run by Iran which aims to establish a sectarian state in Yemen

Friday 1438/6/11 - 2017/03/10
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London, Jumada II 11, 1438, March 10, 2017, SPA -- Yemeni ambassador to Britain Dr. Yasin Namaan said that what is happening in Yemen is a project run by Iran seeking to dismantle the national state in the region and establish a sectarian state, stressing that the coup militias in Yemen adhere to this destructive project which increases the suffering of the Yemeni people .
During a seminar organized by the European Council on Foreign Relations in London about Yemen, Dr. Namaan confirmed that this project is rejected by the majority of the Yemenis, pointing out that this project seeks to destabilize the situation in Yemen.
He added that the crisis in Yemen is started when the Houhti and Saleh militias stormed the state institutions and disrupted the political process in Yemen.
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