Yemeni President : Al-Houthi can not impose Iranian way on Yemenis

Tuesday 1438/6/22 - 2017/03/21
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Aden, 22 Jumada II,1438 AH, 21 March,2017 , SPA -- Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has confirmed that Houthi militias and Saleh's forces can not impose the Iranian way on Yemenis, pointing out that the whole world and Arab and Islamic countries stand with the legitimate government, and the restoration of state's institutions from the putschists.
He explained that the government has a plan for the entry of all members of the Popular Resistance in training courses where they represent the new army of Yemen.
"We are not calling for war but for peace, but al-Houthi can not impose on us the Iranian way," he said in a speech at a graduation ceremony of a group of resistance fighters at Al-Anad base in southern Yemen.
The Arab Coalition Forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in cooperation with the legitimate government are training thousands of elements of the new Yemeni national army through trainers who supervise intensive programs in various combating fields.
The training is carried out at Al-Anad airbase "60 kilometers north of the temporary capital of Aden" located on an area of 15 square kilometers, and other training camps were established in the Yemeni province of Marib to equip and prepare elements of the new national army with participation of officers from the coalition countries and former Yemeni officers.
Coalition forces in Yemen have deployed selected elite forces and aircraft to train and rehabilitate elements of the new National Army, as well as a squadron of Apache attack helicopters and light-attack helicopters Bell 407.
The trainers of the coalition supervise the rehabilitation and training of elements of the Popular Resistance, who have been integrated into the framework of the new national army and security forces, and thousands have been graduated so far.
An intensive training program has been recently launched to form a new Yemeni air force at the rehabilitated Al-Anad air base by training Yemeni pilots to use aircraft, aiming to equip and rehabilitate pilots as part of the reinforcement of military operations on the remaining fronts.
Yemeni pilots earlier flew in the area of operations in Taiz and Al-Baidhah to support the forces of legitimacy and resistance, carried out air strikes on several targets and destroyed weapons stores and vehicles of Houthi militias and ousted Saleh forces.
-- SPA
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