Arab 28th Summit Issues Amman's Declaration Amman 1

Thursday 1438/7/2 - 2017/03/30
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On Syria, the statement said Arab countries will intensify efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, in order to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, preserve the unity of Syria, protect its sovereignty and independence and eradicate all terrorist groups.
It added that there is no military solution to the crisis, and there is no way to stop the bloodshed but through a peaceful settlement that brings about a transition towards a political solution, formulated and agreed upon by all components of the Syrian people.
The statement voiced support to efforts to achieve peace through the Geneva process, which is the only framework for a peaceful solution, underlining the importance of the Astana talks in establishing a comprehensive cease-fire on all Syrian territory.
It urged the international community to continue supporting countries hosting Syrian refugees and emphasized the need to implement the outcome of the London Conference, calling for launching new programs to support refugee-host countries at a forthcoming conference in Brussels on April 5th.
It also said that addressing the basic needs of refugees is an investment in a secure future for the region and the world, saying the refugees and their children shouldn't be abandoned to destitution and despair.
It said Arab leaders had entrusted the Arab League Council, at the ministerial level, to discuss the establishment of a specific mechanism to assist Arab countries hosting refugees to enable them to shoulder this burden.
On Iraq, the statement reaffirmed that Iraq's security, stability, cohesion and territorial integrity are cornerstones of regional security and stability, pledging full support to that Arab country in its efforts to eliminate terrorist gangs and recapture the city of Mosul from Daesh gangs.
The statement hailed victories recorded by the Arab army in its battle to recapture territory held by the terrorist group. It also voiced support for Iraq's efforts to achieve national reconciliation, through promoting an all-encompassing political process without discrimination or exclusion.
Turning to Yemen, the statement renewed support for the Arab coalition's efforts aimed at supporting the legitimate leadership in this Arab country and end its crisis based on the GCC initiative.
On Libya, the statement stressed the need to achieve security and political stability in the North African Arab nation through a national reconciliation that is based on the "Skhirat" agreement in order to preserve the country's territorial unity and cohesion.
It affirmed the Arab nation's support to the Libyan people in their efforts to defeat terrorist gangs and eradicate the threat posed by terrorism to Libya and its neighbors.
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