Work done by charities operating in Yemen now subject to Houthi human rights violations, reports

Saturday 1438/7/4 - 2017/04/01
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Aden, Rajab 4, 1438, April 1, 2017, SPA -- Confirmed reports circulating in Aden today proved that work done by charities operating in Yemen is now subject to Houthi human rights violations.
The report, issued by Contacts with Yemen Ulema program in collaboration with the Media Center of the Yemeni Revolution, said that as many as 128 charitable associations in Yemen have incurred grave violations by the Houthi and Ali Saleh allies worth more than $1.5 billion during the period from December 2014 to December 2015.
According to a report of the Orphans Charity Foundation in Sanaa, which was included in the general charities report, the losses dealt by the Sanaa-based organization was estimated to have exceeded $100 million, regardless the harms shouldered by orphans, widows and the needy who were depending to a large extend on its assistance.
Nearly 25,000 Yemeni orphans are now facing dire crises due to the closure of charity organizations, the report said, adding that the stoppage of their education and medical treatment is hard to be calculated in numbers
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