Al-Houthi, Saleh Militias Hide their Yemeni Detainees in 480 Secret Prisons

Monday 1438/7/6 - 2017/04/03
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Aden, Rajab 6, 1438, Apr 3, 2017, SPA -- Al-Houthi militias and the forces of the ousted Saleh have set up a total of 480 secret prisons in the Yemeni provinces under their control to hide those Yemeni prisoners, most of whom have been arbitrarily arrested.
According to a recent report by the National Committee for Human Rights in Yemen, the prisoners are subjected to severe forms of torture by burning and manslaughter.
It pointed out that the militias transformed several governmental and civil buildings into detention centers, converting about 227 governmental buildings, 27 medical institutions, 49 universities, 99 schools, 25 sports clubs, 47 judicial buildings and 10 houses to secret prisons.
The report included 16804 cases of arbitrary arrest, torture and enforced disappearance committed by Al-Houthi militias and the forces of the ousted Saleh against civilians and several international organizations, including Amnesty International, have reported in their reports the cases of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance by the militias of Al-Houthis against Yemenis.
Moreover, Al-Houthi militias have kept their secret prisons under tight guard without allowing anyone to enter them except their guards.
Al-Houthi militias also forced 99% of the detainees who were released to write pledges and sign papers preventing a detainee from engaging in any political, human rights, global or social activity or any activity against the idea of armed expansion of Al-Houthi and Saleh militias otherwise that the detainee will be killed as well as his family in addition to the confiscation of his money and property.
Also, Al-Houthi and Saleh militias have used to abduct children from schools and sent them to the scenes of military operations and the Arab coalition forces in Yemen have recently handed over 52 children recruited on Yemeni-Saudi border by Al-Houthi militias after coordinated action with a number of international organizations, including (International Committee of the Red Cross and UNICEF).
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