Al-Houthi militias begin elimination campaign against Saleh's men in Yemeni provinces

Thursday 1438/7/23 - 2017/04/20
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Aden, Rajab 23, 1438, April 20, 2017, SPA -- The assassination of Brigadier Wadah Al-Shahtari, the nephew of the ousted Saleh, and the director of security in Al-Mahweet province, Brigadier Saleh Abdul Ghani, in an ambush yesterday came in response to the threat launched by Al-Houthi rebel leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi to eliminate what he called the fifth column of the ousted Saleh and General People's Congress, its partner in the coup; a number of observers asserted that ousted Saleh is unable to respond to this action.
The situation is tense between the two parties after they have begun elimination operations against followers of each party in some provinces under the control of the coup.
Meanwhile, Al-Houthi militias gathered its supporters on the airport road, east of the capital Sanaa last Sunday for demanding the application of the so-called emergency law in areas under the control of the coup to justify their practices of extreme repression against Yemenis, especially from the Congress Party.
A leader of ousted Saleh's party has recently revealed that Al-Houthis put a blacklist including two thousand journalists and activists for targeting them with elimination operations, imprisonment and enforced disappearance on charges of the fifth column.
Al-Houthi militias have given the Attorney General the names of 26 journalists and political activists, including Mohamed Anam, the chief editor of the newspaper "Al-Methaq", the mouthpiece of the Congress Party to track down and arrest them.
-- SPA
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