Saudi Specialized Clinics Treat 3,139 Syrians in Zaatari in One Week 2

Friday 1438/7/24 - 2017/04/21
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Dr. Hamid Al-Mafalaani, the medical director of the Saudi Specialized Clinics, said the clinics work through specialized medical clinics offering comprehensive medical services on a regular basis; the clinics have specialized medical staff who possess high qualifications for working in Zaatari.
Dr. Badr bin Abdul Rahman Al-Samhan, regional director for the campaign, said the National Saudi Campaign, represented by the Saudi Specialized Clinics inside Zaatari refugee camp, aims to achieve “whatever is possible to contribute to the safety and health of our Syrian brothers, through the noble goals of the campaign.”
The campaign aims to achieve the highest level of humanitarian care including all medical, educational, food, shelter, social and seasonal necessities, he added.
14:23 LOCAL TIME 11:23 GMT