We are in a race against time to achieve the Kingdom's vision 2030, Prince Mohammed bin Salman announces 14 Riyadh

Wednesday 1438/8/7 - 2017/05/03
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Q: Is it possible to see in the future a direct dialogue with Iran despite what it is doing in the region?
A: How to talk with a person or a regime that has a firm conviction that its system is based on an ideology of extremism enshrined in its Constitution and stipulated in the command of Khomeini that he must control the Muslims of the Islamic world and the dissemination of the Twelve Jaafari doctrine of theirs throughout the Islamic world until the awaited Mahdi appears? This one, how can I convinced him? What are the interests between me and him?! When there is a problem between me and another state, we start to solve it. For example, if there is an economic problem, contacts are made to solve it, or a political problem, for example with Russia, how to understand each other in Syria and Yemen and what your interests and mine are. But, how to talk with one who believes that the Mahdi will come and must prepare the fertile environment for the arrival of the Mahdi. They must control the Muslim world and deprive their people of more than thirty years of development and put it in the stage of hunger and poor infrastructure to achieve this goal. He will not change his mind in a day and night or his religion will end inside Iran. So, what the points of convergence that can be understood with this regime. They are almost nonexistent. The regime was tested at more than one stage in the time of Rafsanjani and turned out to be plays. After the revolution of Khomeini come the expansion strategy to anger the world and then come out the commander of peace which was then Rafsanjani to win the trust of the world including us. After gaining access to another stage and a good environment, an extremist leader is dispatched to continue the process of expansion, such as what we saw with Ahmadinejad in Iraq, Syria and other locations. Then another leader comes to preserve the gains to satisfy the world. And then comes an extremist leader to continue to spread the expansion, this will not happen, this is finished. A believer does not get bitten from the same source twice. We were bitten once. We will not get bitten twice, and we know that we are a main goal for the Iranian regime. Reaching the Qiblah of Muslims is a main goal for the Iranian regime. We will not wait until the battle becomes in Saudi Arabia but we will work to have the battle in Iran rather than in Saudi Arabia.
Q: What do you think of the solution in Syria, how do you see it?
A: Syria is undoubtedly a very complex situation. There is no doubt that former US President Barack Obama missed a lot of important opportunities in which there could have been a very big change in Syria. Today Syria has become an international issue. Russia, a major country, is there. The US is there. All the five major countries are there. Any friction among these countries may cause a crisis that far greater than the Middle East crisis. So, the situation is very complex. Today, we are trying to make the most gains for the interests of Saudi Arabia and the interests of the Syrian people and the countries of the region.
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