"Cholera" Scandalizes Coup Militias Vileness in Yemen

Wednesday 1438/8/14 - 2017/05/10
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Aden, Sha'ban 14, 1438, May 10, 2017, SPA -- Cholera has become one of the factors scandalizing the wickedness and evil of the coup militias in Yemen and discrediting the falsity of their deceptive claims.
The disease, which returned to Yemen after having left its territories more than 40 years ago, forms one of the challenges facing what they are calling as the "Rescue Government" formed by Al-Houthis in partnership with the ousted Saleh, as a result of mismanagement and negligence that deepen daily in areas being controlled by the coup militias, topped by the capital Sana'a.
The accumulation of piles of garbage and rubbish in the streets of Sanaa and other cities, is considered as one of the causes of epidemics and diseases, especially after the lack of cleaning workers to do their work in protest against the suspension of their salaries for months.
The war waged by Al-Houthis and their ousted ally Saleh has led to the closure of several hospitals in the country, the inability of Yemeni citizens to obtain medicine, the obstruction of access to aid, and exacerbating the deteriorating health situation in the country.
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) launched a warning yesterday in which it pointed out that the number of cases of cholera in Yemen has reached more than 780 since the end of March.
MSF said in a statement that "It is receiving and treating increasing numbers of patients of cholera and acute watery diarrhea in the governorates of Amran, Hajjah, Dhala, Taiz and Ibb, which are under the control of the coup militias", pointing out that the number of patients has increased significantly over the past two weeks to more than 780 since March 30, 2017.
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